Chicken Biryani

Chicken Biryani

Have you ever searched for the best chicken biryani restaurant in your area? Yes, many of you have searched online for the best chicken biryani near me or the most well-known chicken biryani restaurants in your city.

Do you know the difference between Chicken Biryani and Chicken Dum Biryani? It’s a little confusing. Both Chicken Biryani and Chicken Dum Biryani are the same dishes. 

Chicken dum biryani’s main dish is famous for its smoky, deep taste and delicate flesh. Moreover, it’s a slow cooking technique based on the classic Persian Dum Pukht. 

It is a delicious rice dish with spicy marinated chicken, caramelized onions, and aromatic basmati rice. In this Biryani, the rice and chicken get prepared separately and then covered with a delicious chicken sauce.

chicken biryani

South Indian Chicken Biryani

Biryani is an Indian mixed rice dish that is popular among Muslims.

Biryani is a popular dish in India and the diaspora. It has grown in popularity in South India, particularly in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. Similarly, this dish gets served in a number of ways in different regions of the world.

This dish consists of rice and meat (chicken, goat, lamb, shrimp, or fish). In certain cases, eggs or specific regional varieties of vegetables like potatoes, tomatoes, and Greenpeas.

History of Biryani

The dish’s precise origins are unknown. According to another theory, the meal originated in India before the nation’s invasion, the first Mughal emperor Babur. However, the Mughal book Ain-i-Akbari, published in the 16th century, makes no distinction between biryanis and pilaf (or pulao), claiming that “biryani” is a long-used term in India.

Several unique kinds of Biryani evolved in South India; rice is a staple meal in the Hyderabad Deccan, which is very popular. Likewise, in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Telangana, and Karnataka, where Biryani is popular because of the presence of Muslim people.

Different Biryani arose in the Muslim cities of Delhi, Lucknow, Rampur, and other minor princely states in North India.

Ambur, Chettinad, and Dindigul biryanis are popular in Tamil Nadu, whereas Malabar Biryani is well-known in Kerala, and Bhatkal biryani is famous in Karnataka.

Ingredients in Biryani

Ghee, nutmeg, pepper, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves, coriander, mint leaves, ginger, onions, tomatoes, green chilies, and garlic are some spices and seasonings used in Biryani. In addition, depending on the season and availability, people may use corn.

The type of meat and veggies used in Biryani differs depending on the location. For example, the main element is meat (chicken, goat, cattle, lamb, prawns, or fish). Similarly, like in many Indian cuisines, they sometimes add vegetables to preparing Biryani.

Chicken or goat meat is the key ingredient that goes with the seasonings. Sometimes, they may substitute meat or seafood for making biryanis. Typical side dishes include dahi chutney or raita, korma, boiled egg, and salad.

To make Navratan biryani, add sweeter, more decadent ingredients like kismis, cashews, and fruits like apples and pineapples.

ingredient in biryani


Hyderabadi Biryani

The most famous Biryani in India is Hyderabadi Biryani. Hyderabadi Biryani, the crown dish of Hyderabadi cuisine, arose during the reign of Asaf Jah I, the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb’s first ruler of Deccan. This Biryani is thicker and spicier than other Indian Biryanis, and it’s cooked with basmati rice, spices, and goat meat.
In popular variants, they are using chicken instead of goat meat. Especially, Hyderabadi Biryani is available in a variety of tastes. Which includes kachay gosht ki biryani and dum Biryani, both of which have goat meat marinated and cooked with rice. Then, for a fragrant flavor, it’s kept in dum over moderate heat.

Thalassery Biryani

Thalassery biryani is a kind of Biryani that is popular in Kerala, India. It is a favorite dish among the Malabar Muslim community’s various meals. The masala is the heart of Thalassery biryani.

Specifically, the key components are chicken, spices, and khyma rice, which is a specialty. Usually, add ghee to khyma rice. Although cardamom, cashew nuts, sultana raisins, fennel-cumin seeds, tomato, onion, ginger, garlic, shallot, cloves, and cinnamon are all often used for biryani preparation. In addition, it added gently cooked onions with green chilies, ginger, and garlic.

Before boiling in water, whole spices and rice get sautéed in ghee and oil. After that, layers of cooked rice and chicken masala then added. Finally, it became loaded with fried nuts, sultanas, and onions once more before getting stacked one on top of the other.

In traditional “Dum” cooking, the pan is first covered with a lid and, subsequently, with wheat dough to prevent steam from escaping. Moreover, the food may slowly cook over a low flame from underneath the pan.

Chettinad Biryani

The Chettinad is a region in Tamilnadu noted for its fragrant and spicy food. Particularly, Chettinad chicken biryani uses a slightly different biryani masala than regular chicken biryani.

This biryani mostly prepared in jeeraka samba rice and has a spicy, ghee-like aroma. Moreover, it goes well with nenju elumbu kuzhambu, a sour and spicy goat meat gravy. When combined with coconut milk, however, this biryani masala gives the rice a distinct taste.

We have already seen an excellent ideal chicken biryani from south India, and now we’ll explore Savoy’s distinctive chicken biryani.


Savoy’s is a south Indian restaurant in Edmonton specializing in traditional south Indian cuisine for those who enjoy Indian cuisine. All of Savoy’s Edmonton dishes, amazing biryanis, have a distinct flavor. So, let us start with chicken biryani and chicken Madkka biryani.

Chicken Biryani

Chicken Biryani is a delicious chicken and rice dish made with steamed layers of chicken, rice, and aromatics. As the bottom layer of rice cooks, it absorbs all the chicken juices, resulting in a soft texture and rich taste, while the top layer of rice remains white and fluffy. Whole pieces of delicious chicken get buried in the Biryani, exploding with flavor from the potent mix of spices, herbs, and aromatics.

Chicken Biryani

Madkka Chicken Biryani

A Madkka is a kind of earthenware made of clay. Food in Madkka being slowly cooked rather than baked. Thus, it maintains the meal’s natural taste and nutritional value while also keeping it soft and evenly cooked. Therefore, cooking in Madkka is good for your health.

A short par-boil with cardamom, bay leaves, and cumin infuses flavor into the rice while making it delicate enough to steam once the Biryani is ready. Marinated chicken in a spicy mixture of garam masala, garlic, ginger, chili peppers, coriander, and garlic before being cooked. 

After making the rice and chicken gravy masala separately:

Place the marinated chicken pieces on the bottom.

Sprinkle fried onions, mint, and coriander leaves on top of the chicken, then add the rice.

Repeat layering with the Saffron-infused milk.

Add a few lemon slices, fried cashews, and raisins.

Fill the pot halfway with ghee, close the lid, and cook over a low temperature for Madkka Chicken Biryani on the stovetop.

I hope you now have a better understanding of the Savoy’s signature and classic chicken biryani and chicken Madkka biryani. Please stop by our restaurant once you’ve crossed Edmonton?

Best Place for Chicken Biryani Lovers

In conclusion,

Many Indians visit Savoy’s regularly because they miss their home meals or are homesick. After tasting some of Savoy’s dishes, we can see their delight on their faces. This motivates us to create even more delicious delights for our customers.

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